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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Alert message sent 12/03/2020 10:42:00

Information sent on behalf of Surrey Police

Bulletin 5 February 27th – March 11th 2020

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members
Bulletin 3 contained practical advice on steps you can take to reduce the risk of catalytic converter theft. Since then you may have seen reports and photographs on local social media pages of the continuing series of catalytic converter thefts in our area. There have been ongoing incidents in surrounding Surrey Boroughs and across the border in Kent and Sussex. We do not have resources available to use decoy vehicles and covert surveillance for this type of crime as some people have suggested but we are taking steps to track down the offenders. A specific tasking has been created for the Area Patrol Team and unmarked patrol cars are operating in our area. The vehicles these offenders use are driven on stolen index plates which are frequently switched.
You can assist us by reporting all such crimes so that we can maintain a comprehensive log of where they are taking place .Ring 999 immediately if you see a theft in progress in order to give us a chance to deploy officers. In addition the more people who help us to combat index plate theft by fitting tamper proof plates to their vehicles the better. We were recently able to give a  supply away free across Tandridge and now have a few more to distribute. However they are sold on line and at motor accessory stores like Halfords for around £1.99 per pack. They are well worth fitting.
Rest assured we are taking these issues seriously and my officers are working hard to do all they can to catch the people involved.
Karen Hughes
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector

*** FREE ***
Due to a recent increase in vehicle number plate thefts, your local policing team have sourced a limited number of safety screws which they will be giving out, free of charge on:
Shell Petrol Station ,Godstone Road, Lingfield
10am until 11am

Tescos , Plaistow Street , Lingfield
11am until Midday
(Keep your eyes peeled for additional locations and dates)

 If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.


Our Area Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with over the last two weeks.
On February 28th a male took a friend’s vehicle without consent, was involved in a road traffic collision and then arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. In Warlingham on March 2nd a male was arrested after the vehicle he was driving appeared to be being driven in a suspicious manner. Following a breath test the driver was arrested. Also on February 28th in Whyteleafe a male driver was arrested for failing a breath test after he had been observed driving over the speed limit by an officer in an unmarked car.
On March 1st in Caterham on the Hill two officers were assaulted by a male after attending a domestic dispute and received minor injuries. The male was arrested and charged with assault of two emergency service workers.

We often get people who comment on our Tandridge Beat Facebook and who, for whatever reason, don’t like the police.
We have had a few comments from a resident of Tandridge called Darren. Darren asked us to go and arrest the proper criminals as he thought we were wasting our time on something else.
So we have listened to what the residents of Tandridge want, and have arrested Darren for theft from two motor vehicles and theft from a shop.
Darren McClean of  Lingfield has been charged with attempt theft from a motor vehicle in Church Lane, Godstone on 13th October 2019 and driving without a licence or insurance, theft from a motor vehicle in Bletchingley on 17th February 2020 and theft of 14 chocolate bars from a shop in Caterham on 4th March 2020
In Bulletin 24 of 2019 PC Peter Hawkins wrote about the work of the Tandridge Casualty Reduction Team. The team  conducted a ‘REED’ - Roadside Education and Enforcement Day on the Limpsfield Road Warlingham on the 10th of March 2020 The operation was arranged by the Tandridge and Reigate Banstead Casualty reduction officer PC 2653 Peter HAWKINS
The team was supported by colleagues from the Western Borough Casualty Reduction officers, the Safety Camera Partnership’s centralised Casualty reduction team, colleagues from the Safer Neighbourhood Team based at Caterham Police station and police support volunteers.

The operation incorporated partners from Reigate and Banstead council enforcement team, HM Revenue and customs and the DVLA road enforcement team utilising their Automatic Number plate reader
In all over 30 vehicles were stopped for various road traffic offences from excess speed, no seatbelts, using mobile phones at the wheel to expired vehicle tax, no insurance and defective condition.
Over 15 drivers were spoken to regarding speed or driving without seatbelts and offered roadside education in replacement of penalty points and /or fines. A further 10 drivers were found in excess of the threshold to be offered education and they were issued with traffic offence reports likely to end in penalty points and fines
One driver was prosecuted for using a mobile phone at the wheel – 6 penalty points and £200 fine .
One driver was found to be a non UK licence holder driving without insurance or road tax and was reported for those offences. His vehicle was seized under the Road Traffic Act
Another untaxed vehicle was seized for no road tax during the operation.
A large number of vehicles were dip checked for red diesel by HM customs officers and checked for waster carriers licences.

All in all this was considered to be a positive operation targeting the causes of collisions and injuries on the road as well as fly tipping and other illegal use of vehicles on the roads.
Lingfield, Dormansland, Newchapel , Copthorne and Edenbridge

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Guildables Lane, Edenbridge. Around 22.00 March 3rd a shed door was forced open and a quad bike stolen (ref 4520025115).
Burglary Business and the Community
Plaistow Street, Lingfield. Between 23.30 March 6th and 06.02 March 7th the window of a store was smashed, tills emptied and alcohol stolen. CCTV images of the suspect enabled an arrest to be made of a male who has been charged with burglary and bailed to appear in Court in April (ref 4520025338).
Criminal Damage
Gun Pit Road, Lingfield. Between 00.00 and 06.00 March 4th the lock of a scooter shed was damaged leaving the shed insecure (ref 4520027766).

Vehicle Crime
High Street, Lingfield – Theft. Around 18.20 February 28th whilst staff were manning a mobile pizza van, the passenger door was opened and a rucksack containing bank cards and cash was stolen (ref 4520023841).
Wire Mill Lane, Newchapel – Theft. Between 16.30 and 20.25 March 1st a white Mitsubishi L200 index DS61YAO was stolen (ref 4520024166).
The Platt, Dormansland – Theft. Between 18.00 March 5th and 23.24 March 6th index plates LX53TUW were stolen from a van (ref 4520025866).
Snowhill Lane, Copthorne – Theft. Between March 7th and 10th index plate NH65SHS was stolen (ref 4520027646).
Godstone, South Godstone, South Nutfield, Nutfield, Smallfield, Outwood and Bletchingley

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Castle Street, Bletchingley. Between 08.30 and 22.25 February 27th a property was ransacked but no items stolen and there was no sign of forced entry (ref 4520022880).
Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield. Around 09.30 March 6th the sheds of two properties were broken into and items stolen from one of them (ref 4520025981/26142).
Dewlands, Godstone. Overnight March 5th to 6th a shed was broken into. Nothing was stolen but it was the 2nd incident since January (ref 4520026165).
High Street, Godstone. Between 17.00 and 23.00 March 6th a kitchen window of a house was smashed and the offender then reached through and was able to open a larger adjacent window. De Walt power tools were among the items stolen (ref 4520026374).
Church Hill, Nutfield. Sometime between March 1st and 6th a shed was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 4520026762).
Burglary Business and the Community
Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone. Overnight February 26th to 27th a stables/tack room was broken into, the CCTV smashed and a hard drive stolen (ref 4520022826).
Scotts Hill, Outwood. Between February 29th and March 1st containers on a building site were broken into and tools and an air rifle stolen (ref 4520024473).
Godstone Hill, Godstone. Between 12.00 and 17.30 March 7th a large quantity of horse rugs were stolen from a stables and damage caused to lighting and CCTV. Then overnight March 8th to 9th horse rugs were stolen from the stables again (ref 4520026654/27082).
Vehicle Crime
Coneybury, Bletchingley – Theft. Around 11.55 February 27th a van was stolen but later located by police who had undertaken an area search (ref 4520023178).
Eastbourne Road, South Godstone – Criminal Damage. Overnight February 26th to 27th the front window of a vehicle was smashed (ref 4520023167).
Lagham Road, South Godstone – Theft. Between 18.00 March 1st and 15.19 March 2nd a blue Ford Ranger, with SOG Scaffolding sign writing on the side, index YT15WNO was stolen (ref 4520024588).
Lindley Road, Godstone – Theft. Between 12.00 and 15.00 February 28th the rear window of a car was smashed and tools stolen (ref 4520023470).
Ockleys Mead, Godstone – Theft. Between March 7th and 9th a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle (ref 4520026991). Around 00.35 March 10th police were alerted after two people were seen looking around cars. The rear side window of one car had been smashed but following the prompt arrival of police one person was arrested on suspicion of vehicle interference and he has been released under investigation whilst enquiries continue (ref 4520027296).
High Street, Godstone – Theft. Between 12.54 and 15.20 March 11th the rear passenger window of a car was smashed and three coats stolen (ref 45120028140).
Cogmans Lane, Smallfield – Theft. Between 16.00 and 16.15 March 4th a wallet was stolen from an insecure vehicle (ref 4520025499).

Oxted and Hurst Green

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Chestnut Copse, Hurst Green. Around 03.00 February 28th an unsecured shed was entered and a drone and remote control helicopter stolen (ref 4520023153).
Hurstlands, Hurst Green. Around 04.16 March 11th after failing in an attempt to open a front door a CCTV camera was ripped off the wall and stolen (ref 4520027879).
Hoskins Road, Oxted. Between 09.00 and 11.50 February 28th after the chain on a bike rack was cut ladies blue Carrera bike with mudguards was stolen (ref 4520023349).
Criminal Damage
Pollards Oak Road, Hurst Green Around 11.55 March 1st a catapult was used to fire a missile at the window of a house causing it to smash (ref 4520024077).
Vehicle Crime
Holland Lane, Hurst Green. Overnight February 26th to 27th the rear window of a car was smashed (ref 4520023137).
Snatts Hill, Oxted – Criminal Damage. Overnight March 5th to 6th the window of a vehicle was smashed (ref 4520026192).
Master Close, Oxted – Theft. Between 15.00 and 15.50 March 9th after accessing the steering column silver Piaggio Vespa index GK04 EPE was stolen (ref 4520027133).
West Hill, Oxted – Criminal Damage. Between 13.30 and 13.35 March 8th a projectile was launched at a car smashing a window (ref 4520027256).

Caterham, Caterham on the Hill and Whyteleafe 

 Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Greenhill Avenue, Caterham. Between February 21st and 28th an unoccupied house was broken into after the rear patio door was smashed. An untidy search took place but nothing was stolen (ref 4520023472).
Beechwood Road, Caterham. Overnight March 10th to 11th five sheds were broken into at various houses in the road and the French doors of an office were damaged. One chain saw was dropped in the pond of an adjoining property after the suspect jumped into the garden. A Riddle Road bike and small hand tools were stolen from another shed (ref 4520027789/27891/27837/28236).
Tanglewood Avenue, Whyteleafe. Around 01.30 March 2nd a house under renovation was broken into and builder’s tools stolen (ref 4520024239).
Annes Walk, Caterham on the Hill. Between 07.30 and 08.00 March 2nd two people forced entry to a house through the rear door. A Mac Book Pro and jewellery were stolen. One male was wearing a dark jacket with a fur trimmed hood and the second male was wearing dark clothing. A black Mercedes was probably being used by them (ref 4520024294).
Cornwallis Close, Caterham on the Hill. Between 08.00 and 18.10 March 2nd the lock on a patio door was snapped in a failed attempt to gain entry.  A house close by was entered but after an untidy search nothing was stolen (ref 4520024159/ 24492).)
Whyteleafe Hill, Whyteleafe. On March 2nd between 09.00 and 16.00 the lock on a front door was snapped but the attempt to gain entry failed (ref 4520024440).
Burglary Business and the Community
Croydon Road, Caterham. Between February 28th and March 2nd an office was entered forcibly and tools were stolen (ref 4520025261).

Vehicle Crime 
Church Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between February 28th and March 2nd a mini digger was stolen from a building site (ref 4520024534).
Godstone Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between 01.35 and 01.40 March 1oth a car was entered by unknown means and a blue bag with bank cards, a blue and green coat and a drill were stolen. Three unsuccessful attempts were made to use the bank cards nearby. CCTV footage is being reviewed (ref 4520027761).
Church Road, Caterham – Theft. Between 07.00 and 18.25 March 3rd a catalytic converter was stolen from a car (ref 4520025021).
Church Walk, Caterham – Theft. Between 13.00 and 14.00 March 4th a silver Skoda Yeti index DC14LFB was stolen from a car park (ref 4520025445).
Croydon Road, Caterham. Between 21.00 March 9th and 07.00 March 10th 2 vehicles were entered but nothing stolen (ref 4520027592).
St Michaels Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Around 18.40 March 2nd two males were stopped by a member of the public from attempting to steal a catalytic converter. Both males were in their late teens and were wearing dark hoodies and masks (ref 4520024602).
Weston Drive, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Between 18.00 March 8th and 14.03 March 9th a rear index plate YF09HBU was stolen from a vehicle (ref 4520027331).
Park Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Between March 7th and 9th a roof rack was stolen from a van (ref 4520027102).
Livingstone Road, Caterham on the Hill – Criminal Damage. Overnight February 28th to 29th a vehicle was damaged by a sharp object (ref 4520028188).

Warlingham and Woldingham

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Court Farm Road, Warlingham. Between 19.20 and 19.50 February 27th after two offenders climbed over a side gate, a small bathroom window was smashed enabling the larger adjacent window to be opened from the inside. A security chain was placed on the front door and an untidy search took place. A camera, mobile phone, handbag and jewellery were removed in a pillowcase also stolen from the house. House to house enquiries and CCTV footage established that two offenders were involved (ref 4520023186).
High Pines, Warlingham. Around 07.45 March 2nd the lock on a rear patio door was broken and after an untidy search of the house jewellery was stolen (ref 4520024439).
Stuart Road, Warlingham. Between 17.39 March 5th and 07.15 March 6th the electrically operated garage doors of a house were forced open and the contents of the glove box of a car emptied onto a seat before a ladder within the garage was used to gain access to the loft. Fishing reels and other items were stolen (ref 4520025906).
Butlers Dene Road, Woldingham. Between February 28th and March 1st a shed was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 4520023940).
Vehicle Crime
Harrow Road, Warlingham – Theft. Between 11.00 and 12.40 March 3rd a black Vauxhall Corsa index KN64XJP was stolen (ref 4520024948).
Limpsfield Road, Warlingham. Between 12.00 and 13.00 March 3rd a catalytic converter was stolen from a car in a supermarket car park (ref 4520024983).
Verdayne Gardens, Warlingham. Overnight February 28th to 29th a van was broken into and drills stolen (ref 4520025017).
Farleigh Road, Warlingham – Theft. Between 15.00 March 5th and 08.00 March 6th index plate LG53RWY was stolen from a vehicle (ref 4520026743).
Dane Road, Warlingham – Criminal Damage. Between 11.00 and 16.00 March 11th a sharp object was used to make a deep scratch to a vehicle (ref 4520028225).
Hillside Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between 19.00 March 7th and 13.30 March 8th a catalytic converter was stolen from a car (ref 4520026870).
Maple Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between March 6th and 8th index plates RE111LUO were stolen from a vehicle (ref 4520026912).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.pnn.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.
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