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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

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Information sent on behalf of Surrey Police

Bulletin 4   February 13th – February 26th 2020
Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members

Since Christmas there has been an increase in burglaries across Surrey and Tandridge has not escaped this particular spike in crime.  I thought it would be useful to repeat in this Bulletin some advice on how to reduce the risk of burglaries.
Lock all doors and windows every time you leave the house, even when you're just out in the garden, remembering to double-lock UPVC doors.
Hide all keys, including car keys, out of sight and away from the letterbox (remember a device could be used to hook and remove keys through the letterbox). If possible, keep them in a metal container.
Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.
Store any high value items (i.e. jewellery, passports) in a correctly installed safe.
Install an intruder alarm - if it is to be monitored, ensure it is NSI or SIA registered.
Install dusk to dawn outside lighting around your property.
Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property if you are out for long periods or away on holiday.
Leave lights and a radio/TV on in your house, or on a timer, to make the property appear occupied.
Make sure the fences around your garden are in good condition and ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.
Secure bikes at home by locking them to an immovable object inside a locked shed or garage.
Keep ladders and tools stored away; don't leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home.
Make it hard for thieves to hide by keeping foliage and bushes trimmed and neat around the edges of your property.
Mark your property with a forensic marking product such as Selecta DNA and register your property with Immobilise.
Consider joining or forming a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
Karen Hughes
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector

 If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.


Our Area Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with over the last two weeks.
Two weeks ago Kent Police spotted a Volkswagen car in Orpington which then failed to stop. It was pursued until it crashed into woodland on a narrow lane when it met a lorry coming in the opposite direction. The driver of the car was arrested and stolen tools were recovered. Tandridge officers have been liaising with Kent Police in case any of the tools have been stolen in Tandridge.
We recovered 6x Makita tool boxes in Warlingham on February 13th thanks to one of our Tandridge Beat Facebook followers advising us. Unfortunately the power tools had gone but the hand tools and plumbing equipment were still inside and have been reunited with their owner.

We became aware through social media of an attempted theft from a van in Blanchmans Road, Warlingham on February 12th. Unfortunately we were only aware through an officer seeing a post on a social media page some 30 minutes after the event. This was frustrating as there was a police car complete with officers sat in nearby Gresham Road at the time on patrol for this exact type of crime. By all means share your social media posts but please call 999 first if there is a crime in progress.
On February 19th after a single road traffic collision in Lingfield a male tested positive after a breath test and was arrested. On February 21st after a car was spotted being driven erratically in Bletchingley a male tested positive following a breath test and was arrested and charged for Court.

On February 20th a male was arrested in Lingfield on suspicion of being in possession of stolen computer equipment and he has now been charged with this offence.
We are aware of a number of reports of criminal damage to cars in the Caterham, Oxted and Lingfield areas between February 13th and 14th.   There were also four incidents in Stafford Road, Caterham overnight February 19th to 20th when items were stolen from two cars. Despite comments on social media this is very much a 'crime' and they are being looked at as a whole by the local neighbourhood Policing team. Anyone with any information around potential sightings of vehicles or suspects involved please do let us know by calling 101 or reporting online through our website quoting reference 45200017986. If you see a crime in progress then dial 999.


Lingfield, Felbridge, Crowhurst and Dormansland

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
New Farthingdale, Dormansland. Between 16.00 February 23rd and 09.00 February 24th a garden shed was broken into and a chop saw stolen (ref 4520021703).
Burglary Business and the Community

Copthorne Road, Felbridge – Sometime overnight between February 14th and 15th and  then February 16th and 17th offender(s) have forced entry over the weekend stolen vehicle keys and siphoned two lorries of diesel fuel (ref: 45200019016)
Vehicle Crime
Church Road, Lingfield. Between 21.00 and 21.20 February 14th whilst an ambulance crew were transferring a patient from an ambulance to the house, a rucksack containing house keys, debit and credit cards was stolen from the vehicle (ref 4520018526).
Racecourse Road, Lingfield. Overnight February 15th to 16th index plate RA19LPZ was stolen (ref 4520018885).
Newchapel  Road, Lingfield. Overnight February 16th to 17th the windscreen of a vehicle was smashed (ref 4520019038).
Highfield Close, Lingfield. Between 20. February 20th and 12.45 February 21st front index plate BON841 was stolen (ref 4520020914).
Hollow Lane, Dormansland. Between February 14th and 17th index plates YS60LGO were stolen (ref 4520019248).
Mill Lane, Felbridge. Between February 13th and 17th a white Ford Transit tipper 350 index GV12NPZ with Windmill Contractors Ltd written on the side was stolen (ref 4520019379).
Willow Drive, Crowhurst. Overnight February 20th to 21st index plates GV56OHG were stolen (ref 4520020753).
Godstone, South Godstone , Smallfield and Bletchingley

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Oaklands, South Godstone. Sometime between February 17th and 22nd a shed was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 4520021312).
High Street, Bletchingley. Between 20.55 and 21.01 February 22nd there was an unsuccessful attempt to enter a house but a window was smashed (ref 4520021229).
Churchill Road, Smallfield. Between 21.00 February 26th and 10.00 February 27th there was a failed attempt to gain entry to a house but a kitchen window was damaged (ref 4520022720).


Burglary Business and the Community
High Street, Bletchingley. Sometime between February 14th and 17th a sports pavilion was broken into and a bottle of whiskey stolen (ref 4520019153).
Flower Lane,Godstone. Between 13.30 February 22nd and 07.50 February 23rd an office was entered forcibly, keys to two vehicles stolen together with the cars. One was found nearby but a red Audi A3 index NH04TJH is still missing. Another two offices were also broken into and laps and mobile phones stolen (ref 4520021383/21386).
Criminal Damage
Lindley Road, Godstone. Between 10.30 and 13.0 February 14th a pane of glass in the front window of a house was smashed by a ball bearing (ref 4520018231).
Crowhurst Mead, Godstone. Overnight February 18th to 19th a ball bearing was fired at a first floor window of a property causing the window to smash (ref 4520019857).
Vehicle Crime

Oxted Road, Godstone – Sometime between 1:00pm and 10:00pm on February 13th offender(s) have smashed the window to a vehicle causing criminal damage (ref 45200017944)
Ockleys Mead, Godstone. Between 14.00 February 18th and 01.00 February 19th a van was broken into and tools stolen and a dash cam drill and radio stolen from another (ref 4520019813/19839).
Godstone Hill, Godstone. Between 20.00 February 23rd and 12.15 February 24th a red Fiat Punto index OE09LPL was stolen from a lay-by (ref 4520021779).
Lindley Road, Godstone. During the evening February 25th all the windows of a car were smashed (ref 4520022383).
Godstone Road, Bletchingley. Between 17.00 and 18.00 February 15tha car was forcibly entered and a handbag stolen (ref 4520018654).
Godstone Road, Bletchingley. Between 10.44 and 11.05 February 17th the rear window of a car was smashed and the victim’s purse stolen from a bag (ref 4520019113).

Oxted, Limpsfield Chart and Westerham

Westerham Road, Westerham. Overnight February 17th to 18th a building site was entered and a large trailer containing a shower unit was stolen (ref 4520019435).
Vehicle Crime
Sandy Lane, Oxted – Sometime overnight between February 13th and 14th offender(s) have smashed the rear window screen of a vehicle (ref 45200018094)
Wheeler Avenue, Oxted. Between 18.00 and 22.20 February 22nd index plate BV67GXW was stolen (ref 4520021599).
Stoneleigh Road, Limpsfield Chart. Between February 14th and 16th the rear door of a van was forced open and a drill and copper were stolen (ref 4520018867).

Caterham, Caterham on the Hill and Whyteleafe 

 Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Adair Gardens, Caterham on the Hill. Between 02.00 and 03.00 February 19th access was gained to a garage in a garage block but nothing stolen (ref 45200198930. In Coldstream Road the lock of a garage was picked but nothing stolen and in Stirling Drive the doors of five garages were forced open but nothing stolen (ref 4520019893/19852/20105).
Cromwell Road, Caterham on the Hill. On February 20th whilst the victims were away a neighbour discovered that a house had been entered via lower rear window. An untidy search had taken place and jewellery is believed to have been stolen (ref 45200206130.

Whyteleafe Hill, Whyteleafe. Overnight February 18th to 19th a shed was broken into and a black Mountain bike with red and white stripes together with Mountfield petrol driven lawn mower with Honda engine were stolen (ref 4520019836).
The Avenue, Whyteleafe. Overnight February 21st to 22nd a shed was broken into and a petrol strimmer stolen (ref 4520020617).

Burglary Business and The Community
Tupwood Lane, Caterham. Overnight February 17th to 18th a building site was broken into and power tools stolen from several sheds (ref 4520019438).

Vehicle Crime 
Downsway, Whyteleafe. Overnight February 14th to 15th rear index plate SS15XHX was stolen (ref 4520018268).
Church Road, Whyteleafe. Between 19.00 and 23.30 February 14th index plates HJ56WCN were stolen (ref 4520018618).
Godstone Road, Whyteleafe. Between 15.00 February 18th and 06.20 February 19th the windows of two vans were smashed and items stolen from one of them (ref 4520019813/19839).
Valley Heights, Whyteleafe. Overnight February 21st to 22nd a catalytic converter was stolen from a car (ref 4520021277).
Downsway, Whyteleafe. Overnight February 22nd to 23rd two tyres of a car were deflated and one slashed (ref 4520021434).
Banstead Road, Caterham on the Hill. Overnight February 16th to 17th the side window of a car was smashed (ref 4520019052).
Birch Avenue, Caterham on the Hill. Overnight February 23rd to 24th the offside wing mirror of a car was broken off (ref 4520021645).
Court Road, Caterham on the Hill. Between February 21st and 24th the front side window of a vehicle was smashed (ref 4520021958).
Thomas Avenue, Caterham on the Hill and Beechwood Gardens and Waltham Road, Caterham. On February 24th catalytic converters were stolen from two cars at 15.35 and 16.09 respectively. The theft in Beechwood Gardens was witnessed and as a result of the 999 call police arrived speedily. Unfortunately  the offenders driving a silver coloured Toyota Prius on cloned plates SM58 AWC had sped away. The whole incident was captured by a dash cam but the image of the offender standing in the road whilst his accomplice was under the car that had been jacked up was unclear. ANPR cameras on two roads in the vicinity were interrogated but did not show the vehicle passing them (ref 4520021889/21825/22355).
Greenwood Gardens, Caterham. Between 09.20 and 12.25 February 26th index plates BG11XFW were stolen (ref 4520022519).

Warlingham and Woldingham

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages
Butlers Dene Road, Woldingham. In the early hours of February 23rd a house was entered through the front door, keys taken and a white Ford Transit Custom van index ET67PSO stolen together with tools that were inside it (ref 4520021296).
Burglary Business and the Community

Halliloo Valley Road, Woldingham. Overnight February 20th to 21st the main building of a golf club was broken into as well as a number of outbuildings. A number of leaf blowers were stolen and other items left outside the buildings (ref 4520020590).

Vehicle Crime
Hillbury Road, Warlingham. Between 09.15 and 09.40 February 17th the window of a van was smashed, the doors opened and power tools stolen. The vehicle involved in the theft was a Ford S Max with stolen index plates together with two males, one described as white, mid to late 20’s, dark facial hair and wearing a black baseball cap (ref 4520019206).
Limpsfield Road, Warlingham. Between 11.50 and 12.40 February 17th front index plate KT66WLU was stolen (ref 4520019277).
Warren Park, Warlingham/ Between 16.00 February 18th and 15.45 February 19th a van was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 4520020009).
Dane Road, Warlingham. Around 19.30 February 19th an attempt was made to gain entry to two vans. There are two suspects one a white male, large build, wearing a balaclava and driving silver Audi (ref 4520020138/20095).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.pnn.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.
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