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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch newsletter

Alert message sent 21/11/2019 19:55:00

Information sent on behalf of Surrey Police

BULLETIN 23  November 8th – November 20th 2019
Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members
Now that the mornings are becoming colder and frost is forming overnight here is a timely reminder about the danger of starting the engine of your car and then walking back into your home whist the engine warms up and windscreen defrosts. It is not unknown for opportunist criminals to hang around watching for this type of thing to happen and then promptly jumping into the car and driving it off, possibly never to be seen again. Not only is this type of crime a serious inconvenience to the owner but it is quite likely that an insurance company would refuse a subsequent claim for loss or damage to the vehicle since leaving a vehicle unattended with the engine running is often exclusion in car insurance policies.
Dan Gutierrez  
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector         
If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below.

Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.
Our Area Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with over the last two weeks and some Court results.

On November 4th you may have seen some police activity on Newchapel Road, Lingfield. A stolen van from the Met Police Area pinged our cameras and the van was stopped with a very young looking driver and two accomplices. They had gloves and balaclavas on them, a chainsaw and knives. It turned out the driver was only 15!They were arrested for a number of offences including theft of a motor vehicle, bladed articles and driving offences. It seems we managed to stop them before they committed any crime in Tandridge.
On November 7th a male was arrested in Wire Mill Lane, Lingfield for driving whilst disqualified and without insurance.
In Tatsfield on November 9th after a single vehicle road traffic collision the male driver was arrested for consuming a specified drug and driving whilst over the permitted limit for the drug.
You can run but you can't hide from the police helicopter. Police were pursuing a vehicle in Godstone on the night of November 10th when three people decamped from the vehicle and were found trying to hide in a very muddy and smelly pond nearby. The three were arrested for theft of a motor vehicle and driving offences.
A good stop by traffic officers in Whyteleafe occurred on November 13th. It seems the place to store drugs is down your pants.  A man was arrested for providing a positive reading for cannabis whilst driving and possession with intent to supply class B drugs. On November 14th in Whytleafe a male was arrested after failing to stop for Police, failing to provide a drug sample and possession of cannabis.
After a single vehicle road traffic collision in Newchapel on November 16th the male driver was arrested and subsequently charged after driving over the prescribed limit of alcohol.
You may remember an incident in Lingfield in February where Drivers Mead and surrounding roads were closed. Police had been called to an address after a neighbour phoned concerned as a door had been left open. On attendance police found 2,600 firearms at the property. On 13th November 2019 Brent Slade, a firearms dealer, was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years. He was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £140 and forfeiture and destruction order was granted for the weapons. Slade did not have the correct licences for six of the weapons found in the house
For those of you who do not read our Tandridge Beat Facebook page. Last week PC Stimson a Tandridge Neighbourhood Specialist Officer had stopped for a drink at a small supermarket establishment in Whyteleafe. Whilst in the queue, a man ran past him with a basket of steaks which set off the alarm. PC Stimson ran after him and found him standing by his vehicle which was locked, trying to open the back door of the van. The keys were with his accomplice who was still in the shop!! He wasn't going to get very far with his meat haul. Apparently his accomplice was going to pay for it.

Lingfield, Felbridge, Copthorne, Dormansland, Dormans Park and Blindley Heath

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Smithers Lane, Dormansland. Overnight November 13th to 14th the locks and hasps on the doors of three outbuildings were broken but nothing stolen from inside (ref 45190122193).

Newchapel Road, Lingfield. Between 10.00 and 15.00 November 13th a residential holiday home and an outbuilding were broken into. After untidy searches some unknown items are believed to have been removed (ref 45190122301). Overnight November 13th to 14th a garage was also broken into and a hedge trimmer and power tools stolen (ref 45190122467).

The Approach, Dormans Park. Between 00.00 November 16th and 04.00 November 17th the electric doors of a garage were forced open and a quad bike and power tools stolen (ref 45190123500).

Burglary Business and The Community

Wire Mill Lane, Newchapel. Around 00.20 November 15th two males broke into the living quarters of a building and were attempting to steal a stand x box when they were disturbed and left hurriedly (ref 45190122478).

Stubpond Lane, Newchapel. Overnight November 13th to 14th the lock of a hut was broken and various items of fishing equipment stolen (ref 45190122676).

Vehicle Crime

Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath – Criminal Damage. Around 19.10 November 8th the side window of a vehicle was smashed (ref 45190120054).

Woodcock Hill, Felbridge – Criminal Damage. Around 17.00 November 10th a stone from a sling shot was projected at a vehicle from a moving van causing a dent in the bodywork (ref 45190120523).

London Road, Felbridge – Theft Between November 15th and 17th index plate WF60NDY was stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190123473).

Newchapel Road, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Between 09.00 and 19.30 November 7th a vehicle was scratched all over by what appeared to be a key (ref 45190121063).

Station Road, Lingfield – Theft. Overnight November 10th – 11th the window of a van was forced open and a drill and charger stolen (ref 45190121080).

St Piers Lane, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 13th to 14th a van was vandalised after it was awaiting recovery from a ditch (ref 4590122153).

West Park Road, Copthorne – Theft. Overnight November 13th to 14th a van was broken into and a Makita drill and grinder were stolen (ref 45190122156).

South Godstone, Bletchingley and South Nutfield

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Hextalls Lane, Bletchingley. Between 19.30 November 10th to 08.00 November 11th a garage was broken into and a number of Stihl  power tools, Dewalt drills and a Makita  angle grinder were  stolen (ref 45190121092).At another property a barn was entered but nothing stolen (ref 45190121106).

Criminal Damage

Coopers Hill Road, South Nutfield. Between 22.30 November 18th and 10.00 November 19th a ball bearing was fired through the window of a house (ref 45190124785).

Vehicle Crime

Mid Street, South Nutfield – Criminal Damage. Sometime on November 9th the front left hand side wheel arch of a vehicle was kicked and dented and a door dented (ref 45190120291).

North Station Approach, South Nutfield – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 16th to17th a sharp instrument was used to cause damage to a vehicle (ref 45190123477).

Terracotta Road, South Godstone – Theft. Between November 12th and 13th index plates YS11UYZ were stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190121720).

Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone – Theft. Between 07.30 and 16.15 November 19th a Vauxhall Meriva index GV05SEO was stolen whilst awaiting recovery following a road traffic collision (ref 45190124467).

White Hill Lane, Bletchingley – Arson. Around 04.00 November 18th a Ford Transit was found to have been destroyed by fire after the engine had been removed (ref 45190123691).

Church Lane, Bletchingley – Arson. Around 07.00 November 20th a burnt out van was discovered that had been reported stolen earlier (ref 45190124627).
Oxted, Godstone, Limpsfield, Staffhurst Wood, Hurst Green and Broadham Green

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Hookwood Park, Limpsfield. Overnight November 8th to 9th a shed and lean to were broken into but nothing was stolen (ref 45190120075).

Detillens Road, Limpsfield. Around 19.47 November 10th a Kubota digger serial no 25519 was stolen from a building site and driven onto the back of a white Ford Transit van (ref 45190120558).

Pilgrims Lane, Oxted. Between 09.00 November 111th and 06.15 November 12th a shed was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 45190121155).

Chestnut Copse, Hurst Green. Overnight November 16th to 17th there were failed attempts to break into four garages (ref 45190123418/123546).

Burglary Business and The Community

North Park Lane, Godstone. Between 16.30 November 7th and 10.30 November 8th the roller shutter door of a barn was forced open and after playing with fork lift trucks inside a set of van keys were stolen (ref 45190119653).


Red Wood Lane, Oxted. Around 19.30 the driver of a van delivering parcels was punched, his van keys stolen and the Mercedes van index BF11VMH driven off. Four males in a 4x4 Suzuki Jeep were involved (ref 45190121633).

Vehicle Crime

Hoskins Road, Oxted – Criminal Damage. Between 18.00 and 19.00 November 8th an attempt was made to break into a van causing damage to the doors (ref 45190120055).

Silkham Road, Oxted – Theft. Between 12.05 and 19.30 November 8th a van was broken into and a Stihl hedge cutter, combi multi tool, leaf blower, strimmer and two cordless drills were stolen (ref 45190120055).

Barrow Green Road, Oxted – Theft. Between 16.30 November 8th and 15.45 November 9th the rear door handle of a van was broken and seven power tools were stolen (ref 45190120278).

Gibbs Brook Lane, Broadham Green – Theft. Around 15.40 November 9th the window of a vehicle was smashed and a Laurona Shotgun serial no 173895 was stolen from inside (ref 45190 120207).

Rooks Nest, Godstone – Theft. Between November 3rd and 11th a Leica TS robotic station and a Leica CS20 field controller were stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190121584).

Dwelly Lane, Staffhurst Wood – Theft. Between 09.50 and 10.20 November 12th the passenger window of a car was smashed and a bag containing a wallet was stolen (ref 45190121338).

Pollards Oak Road, Hurst Green – Theft. Between 17.00 November 20th and 07.30 November 21st the glass of a van was forced and Dewalt tools were amongst items stolen (ref 45190125017).

Caterham, Chaldon, Whyteleafe, Kenley and Caterham on the Hill

We are appealing for witnesses after a man was shot in Caterham on Thursday, 14th November.
Police were called to Coldstream Road in Caterham just after 10pm following reports of a man being shot. Armed response vehicles were deployed and the suspect, a 40 year old man from Caterham was quickly identified and arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm with intent to danger life. The victim was taken to hospital with injuries to his head and neck which aren’t believed to be life-threatening.
Acting Borough Inspector Jon Vale, who is assisting with the case, has said “We are treating this case as attempted murder and strongly believe this to be an isolated incident.”
"We would like to reassure the public, who may have noticed a heightened police presence in the area that we are doing everything possible in this investigation.”
We are appealing to anyone who may have seen anything, have any dashcam or CCTV footage or have any further information to contact us on 101, quoting reference number PR/45190122479.
Officers were out conducting house to house enquiries around London Road ,Caterham on November 20th. At around 02:50am on November 19th the driver of a Honda Jazz travelled along Coulsdon Road and Chaldon Road,  eventually crashing into 4 parked cars in London Road. He then ran off from police. Did you see anything? Have you any information that may help with our enquiries? Please contact us quoting ref 45190124109 if you can help.
Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Godstone Road, Whyteleafe. Between 08.00 and 18.00 November 9th the rear patio door of a property was smashed but after an untidy search nothing was stolen (ref 45190120401).

Fryern Wood, Chaldon. Between 08.45 November 13th and 00.06 November 14th a house was entered via the back door after attempts to open a window appear to have failed. A small amount of change was stolen. Around 14.00 that day  a small white van was observed parked up  in the close containing a white male, big build, bald and in his 40’s together with a white female in her 40’s and wearing a yellow jumper (ref 45190122139).

Crescent Road, Caterham. Around 21.05 November 16th a group of six males were seen trying to break into a property under renovation but when disturbed drove off in a dark coloured Honda Civic (ref 45190123282).

Vehicle Crime

Foxon Lane, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Overnight November 10th -11th a white Ford Transit mini bus index AV12EKW was stolen (ref 45190120737).

Commonwealth Road, Caterham on the Hill – Criminal Damage. Around 19.30 November 12th the tyres of two vehicles were slashed and a suspect has been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage (ref 45190121565/582).

Ninehams Road, Caterham on the Hill - Theft. Between November 12th and 13th index plate WP11EXF was stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190121870).

Park Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Around 19.00 November 19th a catalytic converter was found to have been stolen from a car (ref 45190124462).

Stafford Road, Caterham – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 8th to 9th a large scratch was made down the side of a parked vehicle (ref 45190120842).

Burntwood Lane, Caterham – Criminal Damage. There were two further incidents of vehicles being scratched by a sharp instrument between November 15th and 16th (ref 45190123129/123150).

Station Avenue, Caterham – Theft. Catalytic converters were stolen from two cars overnight November 18th to 19th (ref 45190124508/124514).

Collard Close, Kenley – Criminal Damage. Between 01.30 and 02.00 November 14th four tyres of a vehicle were damaged (ref 45190122280).

Church Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between 08.00 and 18.00 November 19th a stereo was stolen from a car after the nearside passenger window was smashed (ref 45190124493).


Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Gresham Avenue, Warlingham. Between 20.00 and 21.00 November 13th a flat was entered through an unlocked front door and a PlayStation 4 games console was stolen (ref 45190122276).

Searchwood Road, Warlingham. Between 15.00 and 18.30 November 13th a rear patio door was forced open and after an untidy search an IPad, cameras and jewellery were amongst items stolen (ref 45190122087).

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham. Between 16.00 November 16th and 07.00 November 17th the window of a barn was smashed and the padlock of a container broken. A quad bike index TRX420 was stolen (ref 45190123388).
Vehicle Crime

Harrow Gardens, Warlingham – Theft. Overnight November 14th to 15th a silver Nissan Micra index G450OGO was stolen (ref 45190122606).

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham – Theft. Between 13.15 and 13.30 November 19th  a catalytic converter was stolen from a car parked in a supermarket carpark (ref 45190125051).

  If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.pnn.police.uk
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.
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Message sent by
Neil Barnes (Surrey Police, Office Manager, Tandridge)

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