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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Alert message sent 10/10/2019 09:52:00

Information sent on behalf of Surrey Police

BULLETIN 20 September 25th – October 9th 2019
Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members

Autumn/Winter - burglary crime prevention advice.

Burglaries often occur during the autumn and winter months because homes are left unlit when the afternoons grow darker. Burglars will often target empty homes so make sure your home has a lived in look.  
Light up your house – inside and outside. If you are out or away, use timer switches to turn internal lights on and off.  Consider good outdoor lighting or motion sensor security lights.
Make sure your doors and windows are secure and locked.
Fit locks at the top and bottom of patio doors.
A visible burglar alarm will make a burglar think twice. Make sure you set your alarm every time you leave your house.
Never leave garages or sheds unlocked.
Fit and lock gates across side and back entrances.
Be alert to strangers loitering in the street, If you don’t recognise them and they are acting suspiciously, call the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.
Don’t hide your keys under a mat or a flowerpot – it’s the first place a burglar will look
Keep an inventory of your valuable property, either on paper or online with a company such as www.immobilise.com
Mark your property with SelectaDNA  www.selectadna.co.uk
Beware of bogus callers. Use a door chain and check the caller’s identity carefully. If in doubt, keep them out.
And finally, if a burglar does get into your home handbags, wallets and car keys are rich pickings so never leave these items in view.

Dan Gutierrez
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector
If your area is not referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below.

Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.
Our Area Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with over the last two weeks.

Our traffic officers noticed a vehicle commit a moving traffic offence down Tilburstow Hill Road in Godstone on September 26th.It also turned out the driver was drunk, tested positive for cocaine, had a little something for the weekend on him, had no licence/insurance and was disqualified. He was also wanted for a number of other offences including burglary which he was outstanding for. He was remanded for some of the offences. The others we are still investigating

Luckily the man who had a one vehicle road traffic collision on Merstham Road, Bletchingley on September 25th was uninjured and no one else was injured. He did however have a completely bald tyre devoid of any tread. The man could not provide any details and had no documentation on him. He was arrested on suspicion of driving otherwise than in accordance than with a licence, no insurance and a tyre worn below the limit.
A stolen Audi RS5 was recovered from De-Stafford gym car park, Caterham on September 27th. We also recovered a quantity of drugs from within it. Two males connected to it were arrested trying to run from the gym. One of them had already made off from police two days prior after assaulting the police officer trying to detain him. We don’t tolerate this so this is why you may have seen quite a lot of Police officers and cars in the area at the time. After some great teamwork a 17 year old child has been charged with;
Assault on an emergency worker
Disqualified Driving x 2
No insurance x 2
Fail to stop for police and Taking a Vehicle without the Owners Consent (TWOC)
A 19 Year old man has also been charged with TWOC. The investigation into the drugs supply is ongoing. Both were remanded in custody to appear in court on September 30th.

On September 28th after a single vehicle road traffic collision in Tatsfield a female was arrested for driving over the prescribed limit and may face a further charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.
In Crowhurst on October 1st a male was arrested on suspicion of driving whilst over the prescribed limit of cannabis.

On October 4th a female was arrested after leaving a shop with bottles of alcohol that had not been paid for and being a prolific offender has been remanded pending a Court appearance.
In Burstow on October 5th a male was arrested for failing to provide a specimen of breath following a road traffic collision.


Lingfield, Dormansland ,Blindley Heath, Haxted , Crowhurst, Felbridge and  Newchapel

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Mutton Hill, Dormansland. Between September 19th and 26th the lower wooden panel of a rear wooden door was smashed and after gaining access to the house and undertaking an untidy search two sets of car keys and a quantity of jewellery were stolen and carried away in a stolen pillowcase (ref 45190102490).

Lingfield Common Road, Lingfield. Between 12.00 and 12.40 September 26th an offender either climbed over the side gate or the rear fence before breaking the glass of a window and reaching in to operate the handle and gaining entry. After untidy search cash, jewellery and a black Lenovo lap top were stolen. A witness later reported seeing a male in his 30’s, tanned, slim build, six foot tall wearing light coloured trousers with a blue hooded top in the vicinity (ref 45190102171).

Meadowside Park, Lingfield. Between 20.00 September 28th and 18.05 September 29th the door to a static home was opened and an untidy search undertaken. It is not yet known if anything was stolen (ref 45190103323).

Caterfield Lane, Crowhurst. Overnight October 7th to 8th an outbuilding was broken into and a Stihl chain saw, hedge trimmer and Dewalt drill were stolen (ref 45190106450).

Burglary Business and The Community

Haxted Road, Haxted. Between 07.00 September 26th and 07.00 September 27th a barn was broken into and amongst the items stolen were 6 Motorola radios, 12 car batteries, and Makita and Dewalt drills. A Kubota excavator was also stone but found nearby (ref 45190102327).

Plaistow Street, Lingfield. Between 19.30 September 27th and 03.55 September 28th an offender kicked in the glass to the front door of a shop and stole cash from the till (ref 45190102752). Nearby a lock was forced causing damage to a door but no entry was made (ref 45190102762).

Godstone Road, Lingfield. Around 02.46 September 30th there was a failed attempt to gain entry to premises by two individuals recorded by CCTV (ref 45190103753).


Park Road, Newchapel. Between 13.16 and 13.23 September 26th a pressure washer and concrete breaker were loaded into a vehicle and driven away. The number plates were removed from a parked van but the van was not stolen (ref 45190102196).

Vehicle Crime

Newchapel Road, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Around 22.00 September 29th three vehicles were damaged, one of them by a heavy metal object (ref 45190104380).

London Road, Felbridge - Theft. Between 05.30 and 14.00 October 8th  the barrel lock of a van was removed and Dewalt power tools stolen by two white suspects, both short and stocky driving a grey VW Transporter van (ref 45190106606).

Bletchingley, South Godstone, Smallfield, South Nutfield and Nutfield

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Nutfield Marsh Road, Nutfield. Between 19.00 October 3rd and 06.00 October 4th a shed was broken into but nothing stolen (ref 45190105053).

The Conduit , Bletchingley – Theft. Between September 21st and 28th two red Specialized Stump Jumper mountain bikes were stolen after locks were cut on a garden shed (ref 45190103925).

Lagham Park, South Godstone. Overnight October 6th to 7th a ladder was used to climb onto a flat roof and gain entry to a house through a bathroom window. After an untidy search jewellery was stolen (ref 45190106083). Around 02.40 October 9th the victim surprised a white male wearing black clothes and a balaclava in the rear living room of a house. The male ran off but returned later and stole a car with car keys he had taken from the house. The car was later found burnt out nearby (ref 45190106815).

Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield. Between 21.45 October 8th and 17.15 October 9th a front door of a house was forced open and an untidy search made. It is not yet know if anything was stolen (ref 45190107200).

Vehicle Crime

Whitewood Lane, South Godstone – Theft.  Overnight September 26th to 27th a green Honda C50 moped was stolen. It had a luggage rack on the side panels, the leg shield removed and index KGN310K (ref 45190102196).

Hunters Chase, South Godstone – Theft. Overnight September 29th to 30th a suitcase and other items were stolen from a car parked on a driveway (ref 45190103663).

Manor Close, South Godstone – Criminal Damage. Overnight October 5th to 6th the rear tyres of a car were deflated (ref 45190105758).

Weatherill Road, Smallfield - Criminal Damage. Overnight September 27th to 28th the rear side driver’s window of a car was smashed and the tyres of two vehicles were slashed (ref 45190102805/103121). Between September 30th and October 1st both front tyres of a car were punctured (ref 45190103907).

Redehall Road, Smallfield –Criminal Damage. Between 14.00 September 28th and 13.00 September 30th the rear window of a car was smashed by a small projectile (ref 45190103671). A stone was also thrown at the window of a house causing damage to the outer pane of double glazing (ref 45190103690).

Overdale, Bletchingley – Theft. Between September 27th and 29th windscreen wipers were stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190103256).

Church Lane, Bletchingley – Criminal Damage. Overnight September 30th to October 1st a bladed article was used to pierce a fuel tank pipe (ref 45190106434).

Kings Mead, South Nutfield – Theft. Between September 28th and October 5th a catalytic converter was stolen from a car (ref 45190105528).

Oxted,  Godstone and Hurst Green

 Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Hurst Green Road, Hurst Green. Around 22.15 September 25th three offenders wearing balaclavas approached a detached garage and used bolt cutters to disable security lights before entering it but then fled when the alarm activated (ref 45190101749).

Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone. Between 23.00 September 25th and 08.15 September 26th a grey Triumph motorcycle index LV18XZN was stolen from a garage after one half of the main door was unscrewed (ref 45190101899).

Beadles Lane, Oxted. Between 19.00 September 25th and 09.00 September 26th a shed door was forced open and a blue 29 Specialized Mountain Bike with disc brakes and a yellow Solomon drop handlebar racing bike were stolen (ref 45190102805).

Burglary Business and The Community

Station Road East, Oxted. Between 00.25 and 00.40 October 7th a crowbar like tool was used to force open a shop door and cigarettes were stolen. CCTV images showed two persons and possibly a Ford Mondeo to have been involved (ref 45190105978).


Juniper Close, Hurst Green. Around 16.30 September 29th a 2018 Specialized Pitch 650B grey graphite mountain bike with black wide handlebars and black rear mudguard was stolen from outside a property (ref 45190103325).

Holland Road, Coldshott, Hurst Green Road – Criminal Damage. Between October 3rd and 4th there were numerous incidents of tyres being slashed on parked vehicles. Local Officers are investigating but any information that could assist our Safer Neighbourhood Team would be useful. Please ring 101 quoting ref 45190105085.

Vehicle Crime

Nunappleton Way, Hurst Green – Criminal Damage. Overnight September 29th to 30th the windscreen of a vehicle was smashed (ref 45190103673).

Hazelwood Road, Hurst Green – Arson. Between 00.50 and 04.32 October 8th a fuel cap was forcibly removed from a car, an unknown item pushed into the fuel area and the car was set alight (ref 45190106397).

East Hill, Oxted – Theft. Between 12.00 and 19.00 September 30th a grey Range rover index LV61BNK was stolen from a car park (ref 45190103739).

Silkham Road, Oxted – Theft. Between 06.30 and 07.30 October 7th a grey Piaggio Vespa index LC13XTO was stolen (ref 45190106079).

Caterham, Whyteleafe and Caterham on the Hill

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Whyteleafe Road, Whyteleafe. During the late afternoon/ early evening on September 28th there were two incidents with similar MO’s. In the first a house is believed to have been entered via an open first floor bathroom window and in the second a wheelie bin was used to gain access to the lower portion of the roof and then through a first floor window. Jewellery was stolen from the first house and cash, a Rolex watch and chronometer from the second (ref 45190103114/102978).

Harestone Valley Road, Caterham. Between 11.30 and 18.00 October 6th the glass in a rear patio door was smashed but following an untidy search nothing appears to have been stolen (ref 45190105948).

Vehicle Crime

Burntwood Lane, Caterham – Criminal Damage. Sometime between September 20th and 28th a van was entered and the front panel under the steering wheel removed and wires ripped out in an attempt to steal the vehicle (ref 45190102873).

Tupwood Lane, Caterham – Theft. Between September 2th and 24th a Satnav was stolen from a van (ref 45190105031).

Highfield Road, Caterham – Theft/ Between 02.00 October 4th and 03.50 October 5th a van was broken into and a Dewalt Drill and hammer drill stolen (ref 45190105399).

Westway, Caterham on the Hill – Criminal Damage. Overnight September 30th to October 1st the front offside door of a parked car was scratched (ref 45190103921).

Eldon Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Overnight October 3rd to 4th)  the lock of a vehicle was removed and a mini clipper, Kango and Bosch Detector stolen (ref 45190105049).

Court Bushes Road, Whytleafe – Theft. Between October 1st and 4th a white Ford Transit van index YR12UBO was stolen (ref 45190105419).

 Warlingham and Woldingham

Burglary Residential including sheds and garages

Northdown Road, Woldingham. Around 16.30 September 25th the door of a shed was forced open and a strimmer stolen (ref 45190101942). Overnight September 29th to 30th three sheds were broken into and a green Hayter Spirit lawnmower serial no 315000001, a green Atco Balmoral 17” cylinder mower, a green and orange Stihl strimmer and a blue and black Makita leaf blower were stolen (ref 45190103883). There was a failed attempt to gain entry to a garage and shed (ref 45190104139) and around 17.00 September 30th a leaf blower was stolen from a garden (ref 45190104158).Between September 20th and 27th a strimmer and leaf blower were stolen from a locked outhouse (ref 45190104967).

Church Road, Woldingham. Sometime between September 24th and 28th garden equipment was stolen from an unlocked shed. The padlocks on two other sheds were broken and an SP Epic FSR Composite Carbon Mountain Bike frame no WSBC604357589N and a Specialized Allez Road Racing bike with a red frame were stolen (ref 45190102782).Overnight September 29th to 30th padlocks were cut on shed and tack room but nothing stolen (ref 45190103592).

Church Road, Woldingham. Between 22.10 and 23.50 October 5th a garage door was forced open but nothing appears to have been stolen (ref 45190105686).

Long Hill, Woldingham. Between 17.00 October 8th and 07.00 October 9th bifold doors of a house were smashed in a house under renovation and a battery stolen (ref 45190106884).

Eden Way, Warlingham. In the early hours of October 7th there was a failed attempt to enter a property but the front door was damaged and found ajar (ref 45190106055).

Larch Avenue, Warlingham. Between 21.00 and 22.00 October 8th somebody climbed onto the roof of a conservatory but fled after making a loud bang (ref 45190106877).

Vehicle Crime

Farleigh Road, Warlingham. Around 13.10 September 26th a catalytic converter was stolen from a car by two white males in their late 20’s driving a black Vauxhall Astra (ref 45190102079).

Eglise Road, Warlingham – Theft. Between 13.45 and 14.38 September 27th a grey VW Transporter T2S index HF19WDE was stolen (ref 45190102675).

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham – Criminal Damage. Between September 28th and October 5th the windscreen of a motor home was smashed (ref 45190105525).

Leas Road, Warlingham – Theft. Overnight October 4th to 5th index plate YG12KYA was stolen from a vehicle (ref 45190105582).

Southdown Road, Woldingham – Theft. Between 19.00 and 23.00 October 3rd index plate YE52DVM was stolen from a trailer
  If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.pnn.police.uk
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.
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